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What it’s like to live with someone with OCD.

Where do I start, oh maybe start at the beginning. I have been OCD literally all my life not sure if it was a trait that maybe I genetically picked up from my parents? because lord knows they are not organized at all. Being OCD is hard, and I never saw it as a “medical” condition. I just always thought it was part of good nature.


What is “OCD” I think we all know, but Merriam Webster states “an anxiety disorder characterized by recurrent obsessions or compulsions or both that cause significant distress, are time-consuming or interfere with normal daily functioning, and are recognized by the individual affected as excessive or unreasonable”.  Now this here is known as Anxiety which I am also known to have, so all in all these two take over my course of my body.

Like I said before I have been OCD for a LONG time, since childhood. I always made sure my Barbie’s were in the same bin, and not mixed up with the Bratz dolls. I made sure everything went in its own bin and containers. I knew that everything had a place and that is where it belongs. It has haunted me over the years in ways that people have used me as a friend just to clean and organize their rooms. It has caused me roommate/Friend break-ups because I can’t let one simple thing just be.

Being OCD has kept my life in line but also has ruined it in some other forms. I get in many arguments because things are not taken care of as effectively as I would like. I feel like the world is weighing down on my shoulders because I do everything by myself because I am afraid to ask for help. I feel like a put a burden on other people because I just want them to see through my eyes how effectively things can be done and how easy it really can be. OCD has changed my life and I would say sometimes for the good of being able to organize and people love the way you do it, but bad in a way that people are making you mad for ruining the flow you have going.

Living a life with OCD is hard, you may do things differently than every other person who deals with this “disorder”. But there are ways to make it through, I just wish it was praised more than being a burden.

There are ways you can try to deal with it, such as:

  1. Distract yourself with a hobby (working out, reading, yoga, or other things)
  2. Make a formal agreement with whoever you live with to do their parts
  3. Make it a timely thing that is on a schedule, so you don’t do it ALL the time
  4. Try something new that could potentially take up time (Like me, starting to Blog)
  5. I hate suggesting, but help it medically maybe by seeing a therapist or medication


Crazy OCD Breah

Anxiety While Driving

Very relatable

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

This morning I had my first panic attack in my car in almost six months. If you have been following the recent string of blog posts, you know that I am struggling with cycling mania and depression, and now social anxiety all at once. Today I got into my car today with the hope of getting some errands done. I knew getting into my car that my anxiety was high, and it didn’t help that I didn’t sleep last night because I have been really manic.

I thought it would be the perfect time to repost a blog I write a while back about driving anxiety. I will also post the poem I wrote later in the day. I will also write a post about what I did after my anxiety to include using my safety plan.

Here are some connected blog posts:

When Mania, Depression, & Creativity Collide


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What to do in Austin…

I have done my share of things so here is what I will share with you.

Δ City of Austin, TEXAS Δ


Image result for Austin tx Pictures

I have done the normal “new girl to the city” touring around when I first got here, but I haven’t done it all. There are some places were I totally lack interested and those are the places people like Austin for the most.  I have taken the time to learn the culture but taken a lot more to understand what it is all about. I have learned this is a place people come to express theirselves however they feel and that we are not to judge.

 I have picked up some good things like the tastes of foods while I have been on the move since being here. I can say that I know that I have NOT been to every place that is probably good, and you’ll have to take advice from someone who has been here longer to figure out all the hole in the wall places that will really blow you away, but I will tell you what my little go to faves are.


I like my favorite breakfast tacos come from Paco’s Taco’s on 51st, but a Torchy’s Migas Taco is a greattt alternative.  An awesome breakfast is CHILAQUILES it’s migas but too the next level of amazing. I have taken the time to find the perfect Queso dip which in my opinion is the Hillbilly Dip from any Torchy’s Taco’s that includes quest cheese, a drop of guacamole, Chorizo, and a lovely sauce on top. (I know what you’re thinking, YUCK cheese and Gauc together.. but let me tell you IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY). Best Cookies come from Tiff’s TreatsOh and warm them up and have them delivered to your door step, you WON’T be dissapointed. Best Ice Cream combinations come from Amy’s Ice Cream – always go for Mexican Vanilla even if you hate Vanilla (just trust me-you’ll NEED to try this one). Best place to get a hamburger – PLEASE SKIP Whataburger it is not worth your investment. Instead take yourself to Hat Creek or Mighty Fine and get yourself a damn good burger and fries. If you like Chili Dogs or just good Chili… well those don’t exist here – sorry. 


You want some outdoor adventure well they have that too – take yourself on a hike down the Greenbelt, 360 Scenic overviews, Mount Bonnell, or Barton Skyway. Have a fun time viewing the city along the water, trails and open greenery at Zilker Park (Take A picnic). If you like the water, get yourself a paddle board or kayak rental on Barton creek.  Take a walk downtown and down SOCO (South Congress Ave) and let your inner Austin side come out along the way. You can get many cute shops, food, and fun knickknacks on this street. Heck you can even get your own pair of cowboy boots at Allen’s! This may have everything you’ll need while you’re here. Make sure you stop downtown and eat along the roadside on a nice day – because there is honestly nothing better to do on a Saturday for Brunch, or an afternoon snack. If you’re into shopping then you can find yourself a good day at The Domain – extravagant food and shopping all day long for anyones taste. Oh, and don’t forget the Yeti flagship store on S. Congress Bridge where all the bats come from! 

I am sure there is more that I am missing but there are some hidden gems that you don’t always mean to find, that really trigger a sweet spot. 

Welcome to Austin, if you get the chance to stop by, take the city for all it is worth.  

Sincerely Eating a Taco, 



Anxiety Controlled Me

Do you ACT like you have anxiety in a time of crisis…  then read this because I assure you, you don’t.

So, many people I know say they have anxiety when the truth is they have no idea. Anxiety a huge form of mental illness, has taken a real toll on many people but its only becoming something that people judge you about. Shaming mental illness might be one of the worst things people can throw around just as it has become so natural to do in any circumstance. Someone shoots up a School – America assumes its mental illness (probably not) But when someone commits suicide then yes it is mental illness, and we as a nation NEED to try an understand the differences.

Let me start by saying that NOBODY wakes up one day wishing they had Mental Illness of some sort, no-one! Nobody asks to feel these ways, they just have to deal with it. Illness is something that just comes up along the way of living or something we were born into. I personally have grown into it from a young age from OCD, Panic Attacks, and Generalized Anxiety. I can now say that I don’t wish the feelings that overwhelm me on my worst enemy. I don’t feel as though people should be shamed about having a mental illness or pill shamed for trying to keep it regulated if that is how they choose to do so. WE all have our own issues, and we all take pills for something- so treating something serious and life threatening shouldn’t be anyone else issue to chime in about.

A large majority of the world has some sort of Mental Illness, doesn’t matter in what variation. Some humans have symptoms and they don’t classify it as a illness – which is fine, don’t get me wrong you can be as comfortable as you want with what you deal with. BUT the problem is the people who don’t deal with the things that most of us do ALWAYS have some type of input that they know nothing about. NOTHING kills me more than when I am around someone and they say “OMG that just gives me anxiety”, uhm NO you don’t even know what anxiety is, you just know the word and you “think” you have it. Nothing irritates me more than people messing around saying they have problems and they don’t, it is all for attention. I used to be that person who joked about things I wasn’t sure about, but Mental Illness is what I am sure about. I now know that it is no GAME. I have lived with it my whole life but it never bothered me as much as it has in the last few years, and even more within the last year. I suffer from OCD since youth,  years of depression, and now a full on year of high generalized anxiety disorder and panic.

I have never felt anything close to like what anxiety can do to your body, until last March. I have stayed in bed all day with the weak feeling that if my feet hit the floor I would fall over and not get up. I have spent days in the bathroom completely emptying out my insides, I have had COUNTLESS headaches/migraines that take me out for the count of the whole day. I have felt shaking and numb limbs countless times too where I thought they were not part of my body anymore, I have felt swelling fingers, cheeks, and my tongue not fit in my mouth anymore. I have put my body in complete shock where it would do nothing but just lock up and then I can’t move. I would shake and get sick as soon as I got in a moving car. I would go moments wondering where my next breath was going to come from, if ever. My heart would race on and never stop, it would put me in Heart Attack mode 90% of the time. My body did an entire 360 and made me feel like I was dying on the spot sometimes. I have spent countless nights in the ER and taking needles – trying to get better answers then “go home- it’s just anxiety. You just need to calm down”. Do you know how hard it is to have these feelings all the time and just calm down because you’re supposed to feel like you are normal when you’re not and that it will just go away.

And here we still have people who think they understand what it feels like to have “anxiety” those people will never understand. Please educate yourselves.

I can’t express enough that it really matters that we take the HATE out of these conditions and the people who live with them. You as a normal person have no IDEA what these people go through on a day to day basis. If you don’t deal with it, then don’t shame it- take the time to learn about it!

Nothing can help more than people who understand how to help.

Image result for Anxiety attack photos
What you tell yourself everyday


-1 Year Anniversary – GAD –




Small Town Girl in A Big City

As I sit here on my plane ride back to Ohio, I decided to blog about who I really am and where I came from.

I am a small-town Ohio girl born and raised, I grew up in the way out Rural area of “Ottawa” County. So far out there you could have mistaken us for farmers. We lived out on a road where maybe thirty houses reside all in all. The road was like a mile long and led you right down to the Portage River dumping itself into Lake Erie. I grew up in this small town where things were few and far between from that location. Our small town of 8,000 people had some history to it but nothing out of the little town ordinary things. Banks, Post office, small non – chain restaurants, marinas since were on the water and a little grocery stores. Are biggest chains in this town was a Walmart and Kroger (yes -we were fortunate to have both) in a ten-stop light town.

Port Clinton, was the town I was raised up in. Quiet calm place where only seasonal travelers will go. We live in a city that only flourishes in the Spring/Summer months because of the Lake activities, everything is better when its warmer there. As everyone is told “Ohio is such a bore” however I would like to think that each place has it’s qualities. In the summer months we were able to go boating, lay on the beaches, cruise around the Lake, take a trip to the Bay, or even spend our wild sides at Cedar Point – because realistically it was like our backyard.

Growing up in a small town had its advantages and disadvantages. Things were easy to do and get to. You went to one place where you knew everyone in the whole town would be (Kroger or Walmart). My Graduating High School class of 2013 had 149 ish students (if they all walked). Meeting friends for the day was easier once you decided what you wanted to do. Summer jobs flourished only because everything was seasonal there. Fishing was a huge thing to do and getting into nature. We were always outside of something major to do like 25 minutes away from your typical chain stores and restaurants. 45 minutes to an hour away from one of the better malls to shop at and spend the day away.

We always tend to take for granted as we got older that all we wanted to do was move out of that town and get away. After graduation and moving on to College that is was most of us PCHS graduates did – while many of them stayed around in Ohio, others of us moved out of state – to start a fresh new canvas.  I personally went out of state to a College to get my BA in Michigan, where the town was still small but still had plenty enough to do – after being somewhat spoiled of what the town had to offer such as food across the street from your apartment, gas stations around the corner, school a mile away and the mall was only an eight minute drive – I thought things couldn’t get better but then they did but rougher.

After graduation from Northwood University – Midland, MI. I began my newest journey to one of the biggest cities in America. A place that had flourished over the years and only will continue to flourish as it becomes more popular to many more tech agencies and business leaders. I packed up my college apartment moved home for a week and then said goodbye to little Ohio, and Hello to the Journey down South. I was moving to Austin, Texas a place where the population probably quadrupled the count of my small town and my college town put together. A town where EVERYTHING is brand new, upcoming, and always thriving. Things are ever changing, and more people are wanting in. A place that is becoming a newest Silicon Valley, CA. A place where I am super out of place with what it is happening in this world. A place full of music and pop culture trends, creativity, and a lot of diversity.  A place I never thought I would end up one day.

But, here I am. Living in the heart of the one of the largest cities and biggest places Texas has to offer. Go from small town to big city girl in a year and there are things that will change your perspective if you have always wanted to live in the city!

I will continue to blog about Austin since this is my new home, so stay tuned for more.

If you want to see some of my Austin Favorites… please direct yourself to my other blog post “Thing’s to LOVE about Austin”.